Godrej Properties Projects In Thane

Naturally known as Thana, Thane is an urban city in the district of Mumbai, is one of the most heavily populated urban areas in the world1. Godrej Properties - a specialist of Real Estate, has laid its benchmark with the improvement of prime real estate. Building some of the most attractive residences and property in Thane, the Godrej Group aims to bring smart development with its exclusive and high-tech new housing projects in Thane.

How has Thane Developed over the Years:

Thane City also known as City of Lakes, is famous for its enormous and gigantic setups of industries and developed units. Traditionally, a Maharashtrian stranglehold, the development in Thane over the years with increasing urbanization, led the region to begin international culture that entirely blends the precedent with the present. Thane holds the location of being the first terminus of the railway journey which commenced from Mumbai in 1853. Fast Forward to 2018, Thane is one of the busiest stations in India handling just about 6 lakh passengers daily2. Regarded as the 16th most populated city in India, from a plentiful lifestyle to ergonomic infrastructure, Godrej Properties Thane offers the whole thing a person would dream of to preserve a standard of living.

Thane has spectator a transformational landscape from being a Satellite city into now a burgeoning metro of Mumbai. The city as an entire and mostly new projects in Thane has outclassed many rising suburbs in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region and is ranked as one of the best cities in India. Owing to its perceptive infrastructure, good connectivity to Mumbai and other areas, enhanced accessibility of jobs with numerous companies established in the surrounding area, and the presence of well-known instructive institutions, Thane remains a good option for home buyers. The important growth in the development of the region along with forthcoming infrastructural upgrades that the city is poised to receive has worked in favor of new projects in Thane.